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Welcome To My World!

As a modish, contemporary gallery and boutique - GLAM CHIC ART GALLERY will have something for everyone.  It is most influential with memorable heartfelt people connections.  It is known for its' grand impact of emotional and thought provoking stimulation - with a history of dramatically transforming lives through... ART.   It is purposed to refine and elevate businesses, homes and people identities.  Instilling timeless, inspirational messages, through necessary coloring's, using various mediums - producing phenomenal change.

In addition to its' contemporary original paintings, Glam Chic Art Gallery will have beautiful creations for teens and children of all ages.   Click on "Shop Art" at the top menu; scroll down to the children's crafts and more!  It is important to embrace our children through affirmation and individualized attention. 

"Why is this important?"

The purity, knowledge and wisdom of their soul increases.

Inevitably setting in the limelight, young leaders and educators of strength - ensuring that they are prepared and "better off than we are".  

"How is this accomplished?"

Providing continual love and smart discipline; mirrors within them a strong desire to achieve greatness.   Having these art creations in their personal spaces, drives them to think, work hard, dream big and achieve!  

Take a moment to relax and enjoy as you browse through my art gallery filled with heartfelt, warm, inspirational creations designed just for you!  Each piece of art is particularly perfected with impeccable measures of professional chicness and trendy style.  

Highly motivated with response to your expectations and needs...I offer personalized products of value with clear options, impeccable service and customer engagement; which is the foundation the gallery's reputation is built. 

About Me style of art are recognized for their poetic testimonies and inspirational influences through storytelling mediums...

Professional Artist, Creative Designer, Gallery Owner

Upon receiving my degree in Architectural Engineering Technologies, it struck me like a quickened bolt of lightening that this field of expertise is not for me.  Architecture is structured, void of color and freedom to design as I choose.   It's composition of linear "must be" exact measurements of a building or structure, simply put me at odds, "without question", "in every way" with this particular field of study. 

I am an artist of emotionally charged eclectic visions.  I am a painter.  I am a designer.  I am a crafts person.   I am a writer of poetic prose, which are a few of many of my natural talents.   As a young child, one could always find me painting, drawing and crafting for my teachers, family and church.   As I aged, my creations of "never seen before art" took center stage with ownership; delivering worldwide, the non-ordinary rapturous delight of my soul. 

My techniques used are generally bold expressions created by use of paintbrushes, palette knives, sponges, texture, mixed media, as well as my hands...finger painting. 

What I can do for you.

Through many diverse art forms and subjects, I have the acquired ability to design with you in mind. 

I believe at one point or another most of us have been in a position whereas we are starving for a connection...on a search for wholeness.  I totally understand this!  

With a knack of motivating and uplifting the human spirits - I use the same principles of compassion and compelling logic when designing. 

The echoes of my voice speaks through my canvas.

  • Building one's self awareness and esteem. 

  • Enabling someone to tackle and defeat their largest obstacle.

  • Fine tuning another's spiritual journey.

  • Achieving a dream one estimated impossible. 

Yet, bringing timeless love, importantly, HAPPINESS with warm fuzzy feelings into your homes, businesses and personal spaces.  

With Love, Denise

Reynoldsburg, Ohio  43068

2020 © Glam Chic Art Gallery

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