Payment, Shipping, Returns, Exchanges and Refund Policies

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As the Gallery Owner and Artist; the utmost care is taken to ensure your purchased goods are professionally packaged and shipped.  Each item is meticulously inspected prior to shipment.  I work with professional packing sources and USPS for shipping.


CHOOSE A PAYMENT METHOD.  Your choices are:  

  • Credit or Debit card.  

  • Cash, Cashier's Check or Money Order. 

  • Please Note:   Cashier's Check and Money Orders must be purchased from a BANK or POST OFFICE.  No exceptions.  

  • There are no hidden fees.  Customer pays for listed cost of their item/s purchased, plus sales tax.  

  • Glam Chic Art Gallery can guarantee your personal and financial information, that is necessary for purchasing and shipping purposes, is safe and secure.                                        


  • Upon clearance of your payment, purchases will be shipped USPS in two (2) to five (5) days.  It is my priority to professionally package and ship orders as quickly as possible!  

  • Package tracking information will be provided for you, as it becomes available. 

  • Upon delivery, a signature confirmation is required from an adult eighteen years of age and up.  This will inevitably ensure your order was received.

  • Goods must be removed carefully from packaging as Glam Chic Art Gallery accepts no liability for any damage incurred to the artwork and or goods resulting from negligent unpacking with misuse.

  • FREE shipping!

Returns and Exchanges

  • Glam Chic Art Gallery accepts no returns or exchanges of "non faulty" artwork or goods.  (Some examples are:  Size, Color, etc)

  • Please read the product's full description, "prior to your purchase."

  • Make sure all of your questions were addressed, "prior to your purchase."

  • Glam Chic Art Gallery will not ship faulty, damaged artwork or goods unless noted in "SHOP ART""As Is" section.

Please Consider:  Glam Chic Art Gallery is not a big-box mass producing retail store or gallery, that incorporates an enormous amount of storage, wall and floor space.  At this time, the gallery is limited with space and not in a position of restocking goods that are received in excellent condition.  However, if your order was damaged "during transit", please see "REFUNDS" below.  Thank you for your understanding!


  • Glam Chic Art Gallery will refund your full purchase price of artwork or goods that were damaged "during transit."

  • Important:  If your artwork or goods were damaged during transit, email Denise within 48 hours of receipt of your damaged later.

  • Please email close up photos displaying the damage/s of your received goods.  Upon review of your photos, you will receive an email notification, letting you know I am in receipt of with request of the damaged artwork or goods.

  • Return shipping, packaging and handling fees is the responsibility of the customer.

  • Please return your damaged goods VIA the same carrier - USPS.

  • It is ultimately important the shipping and receiving addresses are written legibly, spelled correctly and without errors; including the zip codes.

  • Upon my receipt of your artwork or goods that were damaged "during transit", a refund will be issued for the full purchased price.

  • Please Note:  Lost or non-receipt of your damaged goods will not be refunded.


Attn:  Denise



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