5 Reasons Children's Bedroom Wall Art Make Everything Right

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Are you aware of all the many educational, enjoyable and rewarding experiences infants and children acquire through their adorable room decor? Well my lovely friends you came to the right place! Let's talk about what matters. Children. Making provisions for what they need most. LOVE. Love starts with their undeniably cool spaces filled with color, warmth and personalized bedroom art reflecting their little personalities. It is no surprise that they spend time in their rooms playing, sleeping, learning and enjoying their awe-inspiring, dazzling, fun works of art

all about them!


Simply put, infants and children love color and room decor surrounding them. They are fascinated with it! A combination of the two greatly lift their spirits. It sets the tone, creating an inviting atmosphere felt and appreciated by them.

"So why not choose the best room decor to decorate their little spaces?"

Some of their favorites are: The Avengers, Star Wars, Superman, Barbie, LOL Dolls and more! Their personalized art and letters are artfully created with layers of perfect surprises! "Would you please take a moment and share with me art and crafts you would love to see and purchase for your children?"


Many educators, parents and creatives can agree that children's bedroom decor in their personal spaces develops early on educational and leadership skills that can be applied to every aspect of their lives. Personalized decor with their name or initials and numbers take an unique approach.

They are drawn to the fun, happy coloring's!

Next, the design, contents of, the message conveyed and subject or characters used. They tend to gaze and stare in wonderment asking, "Mommy what do that spell?" "What letter or number is that?" "Is that how you spell my name?" Children's bedroom decor, brings into existence early competency as the mind of the child ripens, which is usually one of the very first milestones they will achieve. This is very GOOD for them!

  • Wall art enables them to socially harness one's self expression, identity and creativity.

  • Early methods of problem solving, reading, writing and understanding are developed with an approach of intelligence as compared to their peers of the same age.

  • My adorable wall creations designed just for your child are filled with inspiration with guidance that positive thinking bring about positive change producing positive results.

  • By you purchasing the right wall decor provides love; strengthening their immune system and supporting a well rounded healthy balanced life! This is a MUST for your newborn and children.


How many nights have you dreaded your child's bedtime hour? Goodness! Right? Getting them in bed is not so bad. However, getting them to stay there is the hard part. Well...don't stop reading, this will become a whiz for you! I believe many parents do not look forward to tucking in their little ones at bed hour. Especially when they tend to wander about, whining and crying with claim that a boogeyman is going to get them. "No babies, not true no boogeymen are ever going to get you!"

Speaking calmly and reminding them that their colorful, fun and dazzling decorated room of much inspirational decor will miss them and they don't want to disappoint, correct? Additionally, keeping their little spaces surrounded with warmth and love, by playing soft waterfall tunes to calm and embrace them.

You will be inspired that children's room decor truly makes everything right!


Raising children can be fun, rewarding and time consuming too. However, parents have needs too. Am I right? A balanced mind, healthy body and spirit is so important for you and the care of your little ones too. Therefore you must find "your time" in solitude and quietness. I refer to it as re-charging! (smile) Yes away from the chaos! The hustle and bustle of things within your home and outside of your home. Day after day of hard work, can leave you stressed and deprived of much. Additionally, you don't want your children to witness your stress.

Considering they are intelligent, adorable little human beings!

Children will become more "clingy", "needy" and "whiny" once they pick up on your mental and emotional strain. Placing them in their personal spaces filled with art decor of love, joy and happiness and their favorite toys to play with, provide you with time to read, relax and yoga; strengthening you for tomorrow.


Can I be frank and honest with you?

I have throughout this wonderful post and will continue to do so. Here it is... "I DESPISE BULLIES!" "YOUR CHILD DOES TOO!" And that's what matters. What on earth is a bully thinking to bully another?! Bullies do not think rationally.

They are generally insecure and feel less than. Often they are involved in fights, are violent, manipulative, cruel; without empathy for their fellow peers. I wish to share with you a true story, I encountered with a little girl, twelve years of age, unfortunately being bullied at school.

Through word of mouth, the child's Mom was provided the web address of my art gallery which is: Her child was bullied daily for her hair and beautiful skin condition which was vitiligo. These bullies taunted her with nasty words and shoved her about. Her mother's wishes were to build her self esteem and let her know she is beautiful! I created the personalized "M" for Mariah and she LOVED it! Her Mom continue to share with me how this work of art has heightened her self-esteem and confidence! When the bullies come her way, she fights back! Way to go Mariah!!

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