Abstract Original Oil Painting / Painting with a Clear Varnish Glaze / Paintings As Is 


Product Description

Colorful abstract original oil painting with a clear varnish glaze.  Painting is sold "as is".


  • Title:  Dramatic Emotions Painting.
  • Size:  36"W x 24"H.  Sides:  3/4".  All four sides are painted including with varnish glaze on top.
  • Materials:  Oil on canvas.  Clear varnish glaze applied on top and all four sides, after oils completely dried.  The glaze gives this fabulous abstract painting a glossy, shiny appearance.


PLEASE NOTE:  "Dramatic Emotions" is "AS IS".  The wood of the canvas do not quite lie flat on the wall when hung.  The wood frame of this painting is slightly bent.  Adding a nice frame to this painting would definitely straighten it it will simply look gorgeous!  Even if you decided not to add a frame, the malfunction of this painting is hardly noticable. 


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Dramatic Emotions Painting

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