Mixed Media Pink Collage Oil Painting


  • Title:  Let It Go.
  • Size:  18"W x 24"H.  Sides:  3/4".  All four sides of the painting are painted.
  • Materials:  Oil on canvas.  Art decor paper, roses, finished wood letter "7", sparkly gems, music note and writings. 

Handwritten quotes and messages will read:

"Abstract Love" "Hope" "Don't Give Up"  "Don't Give In" "Pretty I am"  "Hang On Pain Ends"  "2 Sexy 4 Him"  "Beautiful...Amazing"  "I Wish The Direction Came In My Life As Easy As I Can Capture And Hold The Attention Of A Man"  "Over Seven Times"  "A Million Men Can Tell Her How Beautiful She Is, It Doesn't Matter Until The Right One Tell Her"  "She Is Tired Of The Same Old Sad Song, Having A Broken Heart Is Like Having Broken Ribs.  On The Outside You Look Fine, But Every Breath You Take Hurts." 


Message for the day:  Whatever it may be, if it is not working for you..."let it go".


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Let It Go