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Mixed Media Abstract Colorful Original Painting for a Teacher or Child's Room


  • Title:  The Distinguished Child.
  • Size:  16"W x 20"H.  Sides:  3/4".  All four sides of the painting are painted.
  • Materials:  Oil and acrylic on canvas.  Art decor paper, crayola crayons secured at the top of the painting, colorful acrylic paint run-offs.  Painting predominately yellow in color, spreading sunshine and happiness!
  • White Writings in Oil:  "Spelling"  "Cat" "Top" "Run" "Happy".  "Math"  "1+2=3"  "3+3=6"  "4+2=6".


This painting would set a grade school teacher's room in total perspective!  It will hold the attention of the children with perfect warrant of achieving an "A", for their grades and a job well done!


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The Distinguished Child