Finished Wood Wall Hanging Decor Letter "D"

The letter "D" created just for:  Danica, Danielle, Denise, Diane, Destiny, Daisy, Dahlia, Darcey, Debbie, Davina and importantly you too! 


  • Size:  6 1/2"W x 9 1/4"H.  Sides:  1/2".  The entire letter "D" is painted.
  • Materials:  Finished wood letter "D", painted in light and dark blue acrylic paint.  Blue, turquoise, light blue, sparkly clear silver and pearl gems.  One large blue flower.  The words "dream" and "wish" handmade in small pearls.
  • The back of the letter "D" have a "professional ready made hole" for wall hanging.


This finished wood letter "D" is such an exceptional beauty to be admired by you for a lifetime.  It will dramatically change the look of a wall including the entire room setting, once it is hung.  You will love it for it's colors the bling it brings and the positive message..."wish" and "dream"!


Complementary Additions:

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Wall Hanging Decor Wood Letter "D"