Abstract Expressionism Oil and Acrylic Painting
	Title:  "Where Is She?"
	Size:  36"W x 24"H.  Sides:  3/4".  All four sides of the painted are painted as well.
	Materials:  Oil and acrylic on canvas.  Misty face of a beautiful woman with red lips peering through a keyhole. Paint run-offs. 
	My handwritten quotes and writings include:
  "Where Is She?"  "She feels as though she lives invisible...unaware that the more effective she is, the more attacked she will be...cause she is on the verge of loosing someone from being bound."  "How long is forever?"  "You may know me...but you have no idea of who I am."  "Today tomorrow told me that this is where i should be for now."  "Abstract tears." 

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"Where Is She?"